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The Founder established “Smt. Sangeeta Somaiya Charitable Trust” as a tribute to his departed wife, friend, and life partner of many years, Sangeeta. Since its inception, the trust has been instrumental in supporting the Kutchi Lohana Samaj and other communities through its philanthropic activities. One of the objectives of the Trust is to alleviate the grievances faced by the Kutchi Lohana Samaj and in the process provide medical aid and monetary assistance to the people from the Samaj.

On one of his visits to a lagna-mela of the Kutchi Lohana Samaj at Ghatkopar on 31st August 08, he observed that people from the Samaj face grave difficulty when seeking a prospective groom or bride, especially when seeking prospects for differently abled people and divorcees.

To address this grievance, he along with his friend & well-wisher conceptualised the idea of launching this matrimonial web portal specifically for the Kutchi Lohana Samaj. This web portal is designed to help parents/guardians from the Samaj find a match-of-choice for their sons or daughters.

The philosophy

To look after the wellbeing and welfare of the Kutchi Lohana Samaj and address the grievances faced by it.